Configuring vim for ledger

Written on 2020-03-06

This is my vim configuration for frictionless ledger journal editing. It depends on the ledger.vim, UltiSnips and deoplete plugins.


call deoplete#custom#option('omni_patterns', { 'ledger': ':' })
setlocal formatprg=fmt_ledger
This file is sourced every time a ledger filetype is detected. It instructs deoplete to trigger account autocompletion when a colon is inserted. It also uses the fmt_ledger script to power vim's formatting action (see :h gq for more information).


ledger -f - print --sort date --date-format '%Y-%m-%d'
This scripts reformats the ledger journal passed via stdin and outputs it to stdout. It sorts entries and uses the ISO 8601 date format. This allows me to always add entries at the end of my journal and let vim do the sorting/formatting for me.


snippet e "entry"
`date +%Y-%m-%d` ${1:Name of a commonly visited place}
    ${2:Expenses:Common:Expense}          ${0:0}
    ${3:Assets:My Bank:Checking}
This defines a snippet that can be expanded after typing the letter e. It automatically fills in the current date and jumps between the main elements of the entry.